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Degaussing with Yokes

Functional Principle

Degaussing yokes create a magnetic degaussing field which emerges vertically from the active surface. Therefore, degaussing yokes are ideally suited for vertically positioned bar-shaped work pieces and horizontally positioned discs, plates or roller bearings, etc.

The maximum intensity of the magnetic field is at the upper surface of the yoke, and is then decreasing quickly.
Therefore, it is recommended that, for work pieces exceeding a height of approx. 60 mm, degaussing is performed from above as well as from below. This is achieved by a degaussing twin yoke; one yoke is mounted below the transport system, and the second yoke is positioned directly above the work piece.

The adjustment of the passage height is done either by a mechanical lifting device with crank handle or motor-driven with up/down button, or motor-driven via PLC of the production line.
The type of the yoke's denomination corresponds to the degaussing width in cm. An additional B indicates that the yoke has to be connected to low frequency generator EG 2422 only. Twin yokes are named with a 2 (in addition to the type).

Examples of designation:


degaussing width 50 mm


degaussing width  150 mm,
connection 400 V  50 Hz

EMJ30-2degaussing width 300 mm,
connection 400 V 50 Hz


degaussing width  500 mm,
connection to  EG2422


degaussing width  750 mm,
twin yoke, connection to  EG2422



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