Low Frequency Generator EG2422

The EG2422 is suitable for connection to degaussing coils, yokes and twin yokes (type B). The generator modifies the mains supply in a way that it supplies the requested power for the degaussing unit.

The following frequencies can be selected:

output frequency for mains connection
50 Hz

output frequency for mains connection
60 Hz

0,9 Hz

1,1 Hz

1,7 Hz

2,0 Hz

2,6 Hz

3,1 Hz

4, 5 Hz

5,4 Hz

7,1 Hz

8,5 Hz

10,0 Hz

12,0 Hz

16,7 Hz

20,0 Hz

50 Hz

60,0 Hz

Possible adjustments:

Power supply:

The maximum current intensity depends on the connected degaussing system.
The recommended protection ranges therefore from 40 A– 63 A delay action fuse.




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